Which planner should I buy?

In November of 2020, I released the “Finding Planner Peace” PDF printable bundle. With over 100 copies sold this guide has helped many individuals take the time to reflect on what they need in a planner versus what they think they want.

One essential part of this bundle is 5+ blank test pages so that you can take the time to try out different planner layouts before you purchase them. Finding a layout that works for you, instead of against you, is a major factor in getting more out of your planner. Perhaps the greatest factor, even.

With that in mind, if you find a layout you love, I wanted to offer some brand-agnostic planner suggestions that feature your favorite layout. Because planners retail at different price points, I tried to include suggestions at a variety of prices so there’s something for everyone! As always, please let me know if the bundle or this post helps you find the perfect planner for you and that ever-elusive planner peace!

I will continue to update this page as new planners are released and I am introduced to them so make sure to bookmark this page so that you can refer back to it.

Horizontal Test Page

Timed To-Do Test Page

Vertical Vision Planner Layout

Vertical Layout Planners

If you enjoyed the Vision Planner vertical layout test page, check these out!

Horizontal Layout Planners

If you enjoyed bloom’s horizontal layout test page, check these out!

Daily Planners

If you enjoyed the 6×9 Timed-To Do test page check these out!


I’ve taken your feedback and I can’t wait to incorporate your guidance into future iterations of the printables I co-create with the team at bloom daily planners! If you ever have any questions or suggestions let me know: planwithlaur@gmail.com

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