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As wedding experts and industry-leading content creators, we established the role of the wedding content creator, where we help discerning couples benefit from a uniquely modern take on their wedding media.

But first, what actually is
a wedding content creator?

Traditional photography and videography have been wedding staples for decades. Your wedding content creator captures photos and videos of your wedding day through a modern lens, behind-the-scenes and from the POV of your guests.
You will experience a new side of your wedding, and the best part is you can relive your wedding day, the day after it happens.  

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Here are a few reasons why couples choose to work with us:

You want to relive the special moments from your wedding, right after they happen. Wake up the morning after and start reliving the magic of your wedding day.

You need fun, candid and authentic photos and videos through a modern lens – behind the scenes and just for you.

You want edited video recaps that perfectly capture the magic of your wedding day. You will see your wedding day through the eyes of your guests, set to your favorite music, and full of love & emotion. 

You can’t afford to miss a moment. Keep all of the photo and video content from your wedding day without losing 1000s of photos and videos to culling. Every moment is captured and shared with you unfiltered, just as it happened.

We tell the story of your wedding day, embedded in every moment behind-the-scenes. From getting ready in the morning to celebrating into the evening, and everything in between, you receive a full gallery of these moments to relive the day after your wedding.

We create unforgettable video recaps that tie together these magic moments and convey the beauty and emotion of your wedding day. You can expect a partner in PLANNING THESE VIDEOS AND MORE INFLUENCE OVER YOUR WEDDING MEDIA.

What you can expect working with a wedding content creator

The A's to Your Q's

Where can I see your work?

Here is a link to my portfolio. You can also see my work for clients on TikTok, Instagram, and in press.

How do you work with my photographer and videographer?

We work together seamlessly on your wedding day. We collaborate as your full media team to capture memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

While I capture and deliver every moment on photo and video, your photographer snaps the photo that you put on your mantle, and your videographer makes the cinematic masterpiece that you watch back on your anniversary.

What is the process like working together?

Here is a guide that explains what it’s like to work with us. Once you submit an inquiry, we will first make sure we have your date available. The next step is a call to make sure all of your questions are answered and to chat about your vision. If you’d like to move forward, we require a deposit to hold your date, and then the fun really begins!

How much should I budget for wedding content creation?

You can read more about our services & pricing to understand the investment required to have us at your wedding.

What if I want my wedding to go viral?

If you want the world to know about your wedding, please inquire here to discuss bespoke social media strategy and services.

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You can quote me

While perusing TikTok, she came across Ms. Ladouceur. “We asked Lauren to film our guests, not us,” she said. “We knew that our photographer and videographer would get those special shots. It was important to us that our family and friends felt like they were part of our wedding.

- New York Times

Ladouceur conducts multiple planning meetings with her clients ahead of their wedding, in which she garners details about their love story as well notes on music preferences, inside jokes, favorite fonts—anything that will make the content she creates for the couple feel authentic.


According to Ladouceur, most of her clients don't even consider themselves social media mavens. "The majority of people who are hiring wedding content creators are not influencers, and some of them aren't even on social media at all," she says. "People who want this service are those who love behind-the-scenes moments. They're the ones who really value photos and videos. 

- The Knot

Ladouceur also points out that this slice of the wedding industry has remained largely unchanged since the advent of videography, which gained popularity in the 1980s. In an era dominated by online interactions and instant updates, it’s no surprise the industry is finally catching up.

- Elle USA

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