Hi there, I'm Lauren.

But you can call me Laur. I grew up moving every few years with two parents in the military. New York City has been home since 2021. Before that it was Boston, and before that South Carolina, with stops in two countries and four states along the way.

I’ve always been most comfortable on the move, you see. I eat more ice cream than my doctor thinks I should and have a 3 year-old Bernedoodle named Minnie. 

My journey online started in the early days of YouTube. Armed with energy for experimentation, it’s clear now that I had time (maybe too much?) on my hands.

Making videos and sharing them online planted a seed that took about 15 years to become something.

In the meantime, I worked for a multinational company in marketing and corporate events. I’ve always loved events, and my first job was working behind-the-scenes, documenting everything on camera involved in carrying out events at my company.

I knew then that if I could create engaging video content from a consulting symposium or audit conference, then I could transform literally anything into a great time on video!

With the events industry on pause in 2020, I found myself again with extra time and now…a fiancé, John Michael. I built my community by planning my wedding and sharing about the process online. Weddings are famously time-consuming. And there's a lot of bad advice, outdated information, and complex dynamics at play. Too many couples navigate their wedding without enough guidance or support.

Now, millions of people watch my videos each year. Maybe you are planning your wedding. A tip I share today may help shape a decision you make tomorrow. Or maybe you are curious about the wedding industry because you plan to get married one day and wonder what the industry is like. 

MAYBE YOU own or work for a brand in the bridal, wedding or lifestyle space and want to connect with your clients more authentically and meaningfully.

All of you are welcome in my community.

On weekends you’ll find me working at weddings. I helped propel wedding content creation to viral acclaim in 2022, creating a new wedding vendor category, disrupting the wedding industry, and having SO much fun in the process.

During the week, you’ll find me talking about weddings. Sometimes it’s with brands like The Knot or In The Know by Yahoo, where I host and produce online series about weddings, helping them connect with and reach new audiences.

Sometimes I talk to press, like at the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, who write about wedding content creation and share my work with their global audience.

You’ll find me every day on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube, talking to couples who are planning their wedding and need an insider they can trust to give them advice that will relieve stress and elevate their wedding to be the celebration of love they deserve.

Whether you’re a couple looking to hire me or a company looking for an industry insider and a trusted partner, one thing is always true – my door is open and I’d love to work with you.


“We didn’t want just clips of our family and friends smiling with voice-overs congratulating us. It was important to us that our family and friends felt like they were part of our wedding.”


Meet the Team

John Michael (JM)

My forever second shooter, trilingual husband, guest star serving hot takes on #WeddingTok, Systems, Operations & Finance at Plan With Laur, swing dance partner, frequent collaborator on the Blog, does most of the cooking at home.


Officially retired from working weddings, but fully engaged as Chief Pup Officer at Plan With Laur. Her current responsibilities include on-demand cuddling, fully guaranteed toy and ball retrieval, and watching Animal Planet with her parents and her older sister, Lily.

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