The Erin Condren Breast Cancer Research Foundation Collection

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Hey everyone, John Michael here. Lauren asked if I’d be willing to write this post about the Erin Condren Breast Cancer Research Foundation Collection, as the cause is near and dear to my heart. This year, my Mom is a 20-year survivor of breast cancer. She received her diagnosis – on 9/11, no less– can you imagine? What a day. I want to say my parents waited a few days to share the news with me and my sisters. But it’s possible it happened the same day. Again, can you imagine? I was in grade school at the time. All of the details are a little fuzzier for me. I was the youngest, and at the time blissfully unaware of the “c” word and all it could entail for our family. I just knew my Mom was sick, and that the treatment would make her seem sicker, even though really she was getting better.

I now know that even though they caught her cancer incredibly early, the grueling slate of surgeries my Mom endured (five in all), took almost a year from the first procedure to the last. She was fortunate to take leave from work, and we were fortunate to have a rock-solid community behind us. They filled the gaps where we needed them. Our freezer burst at the seams with meals that strangers brought over in Tupperware. They wrote cards, send balloons, and visited when my Mom felt up to it.

My Mom beat breast cancer and has been cancer-free for 19 years. So indeed, the Erin Condren Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) Collection is a cause I encourage you to consider donating to in October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. And guess what? You can get your favorite planner supplies while you’re at it. Particularly because Erin Condren is donating 50% of the retail price of each product you buy in the collection straight to BCRF. An estimated 325,000 people will receive a breast cancer diagnosis this year, the overwhelming majority of them women. The advancements in research, preventative screening, and quality of care means that 2/3 of those cases will be caught early – like my Mom’s case – which has a 5-year survival rate of 99%. Unfortunately, 43,000 people – and their families – won’t be so fortunate.

My Mom was 41 when she received her diagnosis. It was her second annual cancer screening. As a reminder, it’s never too early to start your annual cancer screenings (recommended at the age of 40). Many insurance companies cover testing for the BRCA gene if you meet certain requirements and have a history of breast cancer in your family. And you can always continue supporting breast cancer research during the month of October (and always!), by buying from the BCRF collection or donating directly to breast cancer research. Survivors and their families appreciate your contribution and support, always. Now, back to Lauren!

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation Collection

For years, Erin Condren has rolled out the BCRF Collection in October, as breast cancer has directly impacted a few of their employees. 50% of the retail price of the BCRF collection items is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, through the end of October. This year’s collection features 15 items – a mix of planners, notebooks, and planner accessories. Here are a few of my favorites!

Pink Flora Lotus Bundle ($30): The bundle is the best way to get your hands on three beautiful products from the Collection at a price you can’t beat. The notebook is BCRF special Flora design of the lotus flower on a platinum coil in the 7 x 9 size. The bundle comes with a rose gold and blush slim ballpoint pen duo, and a black velvet pencil pouch. If you’re looking for a great gift for someone, this is your best bet!

Breast Cancer PetitePlanner Journal ($14): As John Michael noted, the process enduring treatment for breast cancer is long, arduous, and extremely taxing for everyone whose life is touched by breast cancer. This one of a kind PetitePlanner is a guided journal for those women and men braving the unknown of a cancer diagnosis and the subsequent treatment. The layout features inspirational quotes throughout, a support circle, and other guided elements unique to the Breast Cancer Journal. The PetitePlanner (5.7” x 8.25”) is small enough to slip in a bag and take with you on the go.

Flora Lotus Sherpa Throw ($55): You’ll find one of these cozy sherpa throws in nearly every room in my apartment. This beautiful Flora design against a hopeful pink background blooms across this special edition BCRF collection illustrating joy, strength, and hope. As the weather begins to cool down, this throw will keep you warm and cozy through the long days of winter.

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