My favorite fall planner supplies

For my friends and readers here in the northern hemisphere, the most glorious season of all is officially upon us. It may not feel like it depending on today’s weather in your town, but fall is here! Fall has long been my favorite season. I spent most of my childhood living in places with long and brutally hot summers. Fall always promised a break from the heat and humidity. There was also, of course, the decorations, eating candy the entire month of November, and the excitement of the winter holidays right around the corner. Put it on paper and…what’s not to love?? As an adult, I haven’t shaken that love for fall!

This is our first fall in New York City. I have a list of to-dos I’m trying to check off. At the top of that list is to take many long runs in Central Park. I’m training for my second marathon, and there’s no better place in the city than Central Park for long training runs. An added bonus is all the foliage that shines bright against the mile-high backdrop of steel and glass ringing the park. It’s truly one of the most picturesque settings to sweat. John Michael and I will visit as many restaurants as we can before it gets too cold (and save others for the cozy winter months, of course!). And we’ll get Minnie accustomed to her new life as a city dog with long walks through the neighborhood and play dates with her new dog friends.

I suggested back in the summer that you should change up your planner, like your wardrobe, with the changing seasons. You’d better believe I’m doing that this fall as well! This is our last chance to shake up our planner before the end of the year, unless you have an academic year planner, in which case – the holiday/winter planner season is right around the corner! SO – to commemorate the first official week of Octoober, I wanted to share my favorite fall planner supplies with you!

My fall planner favorites


New Erin Condren PetitePlanners

Spending more time out of the house – as I have recently – has put me in a planning pickle. I’ve forgotten how to plan on the go! On-the-go planning used to be my planner superpower. Do I slip a full, chunky planner into a bag with limited space? Ideally, no – bag space is precious real estate. Do I take a tiny notebook to jot down thoughts? I know myself, and I’m not good at transferring these thoughts from the tiny notebook back into my planner at home. Erin Condren’s new PetitePlanners are a happy medium, the Goldilocks-type planner, perfect for on-the-go planning. The thing I like most about the PetitePlanners, aside from the size, is the fact that there are several options for planner design. You can buy PetitePlanners in three month increments and put four together for an entire year. They have guided PetitePlanners for wellness, gratitude, self-care, meal planning, and budgeting. There are even more niche PetitePlanners, like a plant journal or a pregnancy journal. The team at Erin Condren thought of every application when designing these!

Accessory: Planner Folio

Now, the PetitePlanners are fine standing alone. The paper and binding will hold up to the normal wear and tear I put my planners through (which, FYI, is a lot!). But any good planner needs the protection of a good cover, right? That’s why I love the Planner Folio from Erin Condren. They market the folio as their on-the-go planning system. It allows you to combine multiple PetitePlanners, bound by a vegan leather folio cover with an elastic enclosure. The elastic allows you to slip the PetitePlanners in and out of the folio when you need them, and keeps them snugly fastened when you don’t. Whether you’re planning by the day, week or month, setting goals, budgeting, meal planning & more, there’s a PetitePlanner for that. Mix and match up to four of these portable, goal-specific planners to carry in your stylish On the Go Folio. When plans change, simply change up your PetitePlanners for seamless organization on the go. I’m rocking the Camel design right now

9-Pack Muted Brush Pens

I’m normally a #TeamBlackInk gal, but I mentioned the foliage earlier because fall foliage is, bar none, the best part of being outside this time of year. To honor my love for the leaves in my planner, I’m snagging these brush pens from Amazon! The water-based ink is non-bleeding, so you won’t have to worry about shading through in your planner, an absolute must for me. The pack of 9 is fall-first, with colors like wine red, yellow gold, hunter green, and a beautiful plum and navy, among others. The palette is definitely muted and perfect to capture the sentiment of the season! I mostly use brush pens for hand-lettering headers in my planner, but my friends use them to color-coordinate with fall sticker kits. The options are endless.

Oli Magnetic Bookmark

Ahhh, bookmarks! When you have multiple planners, and the attention span of a rabbit (like I do) you need someone, or something, to keep tabs for you. I can’t live without bookmarks for my planners. I seriously can’t trust myself to keep track without them. The leopard print reminds me of fall for some reason, and I’m here for it. These Oli clips are great because they’re not just for planners. They can double as a money clip, triple as a chip clip (seriously), and they’ve even moonlighted before as a hair clip when I was really short on hair ties. I’m all for functionality in a planner accessory, and it’s hard to get better value-for-money than


As my family and friends would say in the south, it’s fall y’all! I give you permission to lean heavily into the season to refresh your planner. It’s been another long year, so these little opportunities for joy can’t be neglected. Get yourself that planner accessory, get outside, and enjoy the joy of the season!

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