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Hey y’all! I’m back again with some exciting news and a little surprise at the end. Today, I’m starting a new, continued partnership with bloom daily planners! I came across bloom back when I did my collaboration last month for National Planner Day and let me tell you: I feel immensely grateful to partner with a values-driven planner company like bloom. What will this partnership mean? Well, starting with today’s product reviews, I’ll be posting content periodically reviewing new bloom products.

I wanted to thank Lauren from bloom daily planners for sending me the products in today’s post. It’s Launch Day over at bloom! Make sure to check it out here and get an additional 10% off when you use my link.

A little about bloom daily planners

bloom planners were created by women for women. Empowerment is the word I keep coming back to, as a primary goal of their company is to elevate women. Additionally, bloom keeps customers and their community front-and-center while designing new products and tweaking existing ones. Anyone can be in the #bloomgirl community if they commit to continual self-improvement. 

Above all, bloom gives back to the community via their Give Back Planner lines, donating planners and products to organizations, and volunteering time at local organizations. 

One of the biggest reasons I’m excited for this partnership with bloom is because I think the quality of their products is good at an accessible price point. I think there’s this notion in the planner world that, especially if you’re a die-hard planner, that “expensive equals good.” bloom turns this on its head, proving you don’t have to shell out $100+ to find a great planner system that works for you. 


Let’s start with the planner, of which bloom sent me two. The first, which I explore in depth in this review video , is a coil-bound vertical daily planner starting in January. The other is the same format and follows the academic year. If I had to compress my summary into a few words, this planner is sleek, affordable, and versatile that is great for new planners and long-term planners alike by accommodating different planning styles. The devil is in the details, and it’s clear bloom cares about those details.

  • Coil: I’m a coil gal through and through. The sturdier the coil the better. The bloom coil isn’t as thick as other coils on the market, but it is sturdy. Trust me, I’ve put this thing through the ringer by dropping it, compressing it, and taking it through wear-and-tear. It’s held up great. The best part is, if you have snap-in accessories from other brands they’ll snap in and stay in with no trouble. 

  • Cover: The cover is electroplated with gold with gold embossing. The cover is bigger than the pages, which saves the tabs from peeking out and getting snagged.

  • Paper: You’ll notice when comparing the bloom daily planner to other daily planners that the profile of bloom’s is much, much slimmer. This is due mostly to the paper, and it’s the biggest thing that stands out at first blush. I was worried about shading but was pleasantly surprised when my gel pens (and my favorite TUL pen) didn’t show through, other pens may shade more.

  • Components: Going through the planner cover to cover, there are three things I love. 

  • First is the pre-work section. Y’all know I adore pre-work, which allows us to set the tone and intentions as we move into our planners. In bloom’s case, the pre-work section includes an overview for how to use the planner; this is great for beginner planners or those moving in from another system. This section includes elements of goal-setting, as well as routine tracking and ideal week planning. 

    Next, each month includes a Visions page before the monthly spread. For me, checking in monthly is the perfect cadence when goal-setting. There’s nothing better than turning the page on a fresh month with a blank slate in front of you.

    Finally, the little details throughout. Each monthly spread includes a little challenge in the top right corner. These questions and challenges prompt me to reflect as I first sketch out my month ahead. The weekly vertical layout is flexible enough to accommodate different planning styles and thoughtfully appointed with spaces to be creative.

Overall, I keep coming back to the value. For what you get, this planner starts at $29.95 and that’s a major positive.


bloom started with planners, but they’re now “blooming” into other product lines as well, some of which I’ll highlight here for you below:

  • Meeting notepad: As I work from home for the foreseeable future, these notepads will help keep me on topic during the 10 Zoom calls it seems I have every day. The notepad is beautiful and has lots of room. The bottom has a section for action and follow-up items. Also, I love the flexibility — you can punch it to add to a disc system or binder!

  • Weekly Meal Plan pad: JM is excited about this, as he’s doing most of the meal planning and meal prep these days. The meal plan pad has two fridge magnets on the back. Why does this matter? Without two magnets, the weight distribution gets funky and tends to sink on the fridge. Additionally, the grocery list section is perforated to tear and takeaway!

  • Encouragement, empowerment, and love cards: These cards feature compliments and words of encouragement on the front with space to write a personalized note on the back. These are super cute and I love adding them and slipping them into gifts. The cards seem to have thicker cardstock than other brands. I’m always a fan of durability.

  • Lined bloom notebooks: 5 notebooks that are perfect for a personal project. Or, here’s a gift idea: Give one of the lined notebooks and one of the pens. Put an encouragement card on the top and tie it all together with twine. Perfect gift for a coworker or friend. Also great to take with you on the go.

  • Bound to-do book: Believe it or not, I’ve already started incorporating this in my day-to-day. It’s an undated daily book with a bunch of pages. Each section is broken out with priorities, important meetings, a lengthy to-do list, and workout and wellness. There’s a pocket in the back with coil binding and a plastic cover. In theory, you could use this as a small daily planner as well.

  • Elastic planner bands with loops. Perfect for me since I’m always misplacing my planner!

  • 3 vinyl stickers (one pack).

  • Sticker sheets. The themes range from female empowerment to health and wellness, classic planner stickers, productivity, and holiday sticker packs. These are high-quality, gloss stickers that will complement any planner spread.

Giveaway Details

bloom and I are teaming up to giveaway a $50 bloom gift card!

Entry details: Follow both bloom and me on Instagram. Then, leave me a comment on this post about your favorite bloom product, or how you’d plan to use the $50 of bloom credit. If you don’t have an Instagram, email me to enter. Giveaway ends Tuesday, September at 10:00 pm ET.


I’m excited to bring you more content around bloom.

*Bonus: Plan With Laur Playlist!

If you’re like me, sometimes it’s hard to get inspired or upbeat before sitting down to plan — especially if you have a stressful week ahead. I created a Plan With Laur playlist with bloom full of the tracks that immediately pick my energy up.

Check out my video down below to see a full walk-through of the planner and accessories! I am also going to link some other launch day videos so you can see all the planner goodies!

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