5 Amazon Planner Accessories for Quick Organization

There’s a mountain of planner accessories out there to help you stay organized in your planner. If you’re looking for budget-friendly, multi-use accessories — maybe as a gift, or if you’re starting out in a new planner, I put together a list of the 5 top planner accessories I use every day. These accessories are all budget-friendly and in stock on Amazon. Feel free to mix and match for what suits you and your planning style the best. Let me know in the comments below if you find any deals on Amazon planner accessories to share with the world!

I run through these products in this video, so if you want a visual of how I use these in action, check out my video!

The Best Amazon Planner Finds

Yubo Grid Washi (7 Rolls, $8.79). This pack includes 7 rolls of uniquely colored washi; each roll comes out to 33 feet of washi. That’s 220 feet of washi goodness, y’all, or about 350 total trips across the page in a full-size planner. The consistency is smooth and the washi applies evenly and cuts well — the grid lines are great for lining up cuts. I like this pack because the colors are varied but neutral. Pastels are great for standing out, but it’s nice to have something that will blend in regardless of your planner spread. As an added bonus, it can be hard to find good white washi that doesn’t disappear into the page, and this pack has a great white roll with black lines.

Tul Retractable Gel Pens (Pack of 4 – 0.5mm, $11.52). It’s no secret that pens are the straw that stirs the drink. Good gel pens can be hard to find. If you have a heavy hand like me, a gelly pen can take too much time to dry. Frequently, it’ll shade through even the best quality paper. And if you’re left-handed, forget about it. These Tul pens are the perfect balance for me: They’re fine but don’t make you work hard to get crisp, clean lines every time.

Weather Stickers (8 sheets x 100 stickers, $6.93). If there’s one thing we know we have to plan around each day, it’s the weather. These stickers are perfect even for people who don’t love stickers as a quick reminder of the day’s forecast.

Reusable Sticker Book: (5” x 7” notebook, $15.99). On the flip side, if you’re a sticker lover or decorative planner, you’ll need somewhere to stash leftover kits and those stickers that you’re waiting for the right moment to use. This notebook is a one-stop-shop with parchment-paper like consistency that doesn’t take the “stick” out of sticker, even after multiple uses. One way to use this notebook is to color-coordinate — all the purple stickers on one page and yellow on another — or by theme or season. With 20 pages front-and-back and 40 pages total, I’ve already found a new home for over a thousand stray stickers in mine.

Post-It Notes: (15 pads, $9.99). If you follow any of my content, you know I’m a huge fan of using sticky notes in planners. Sticky notes are great, especially during pre-planning for the next week when you’re shifting tasks and appointments around to visually map out your week. This pack from Amazon includes three different packs of sticky notes — Jot, the smallest, Classic, and Share, which are the large, lined sticky notes. These Post-It notes come in 5 colors and are made with a plant-based adhesive that sticks firmly, even after reuse.

Bonus Amazon Recommendation:

I went over my Top 10 planner accessories in this video, where I talked about using a Mini Diaper Caddy (yes, a Diaper Bag!) to keep my planning stash accessible and organized on the go! If you use multiple planners, stickers, washi, and notebooks, keeping everything together can get a little overwhelming. This organizer is soft-sided but durable. And yes, if you don’t have kids yet – but may some day – you can sub out your planners for diapers. I know I will one day!

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