Erin Condren Back To School Collection Review

The Erin Condren Back to School Collection may be my favorite launch ever!

For the first time since Feb of 2020, John Michael and I went on a much-needed vacation. We rented a cabin, brought a whole bunch of food, and spent a couple of days hiking. It was the perfect socially distanced escape from the city. But, on my doorstep when we arrived was the newly iconic mid-century circles box filled to the brim with this collection!

This collection was designed with you in mind, and launches on June 6th! This means that all of the items below are live on the site! While the upcoming school year is unknown for many, the Erin Condren team is bringing us the supplies to help us start our new normal — whatever that may be — organized. This collection centers on desk organization, so whatever your desk situation this will help set you up for success — and they look pretty too!

If you are new to Erin Condren here is $10 your first purchase.

So let’s dig in here:

Before I start, I want to say that I was some of the items in this launch for review by the Erin Condren team. While I have many of the items launching, I do not have them all. However, the list you will see below will be exhaustive. What an honor to review and share these items with you. Additionally, this page contains affiliate links. If you choose to use these links, there is no additional cost to you and I will make a small commission that allows me to keep producing content. If you choose to use them: Thank You!

As a businesswoman, and someone currently working from home. These items are already in use. So if you are a working professional, an educator, a student, a homeschooler, a homemaker, and/or a lover of stationery and organizational products than this collection is for you! If you want to see a video walkthrough of the items I have, you can see it HERE!

Desk Supplies:

Acrylic Nesting Desk – $24.00 | Design: Mid Century Circles

This set comes with 4 items. A designer desk tray, accessory tray, pen holder, and mail sorter. As I sit here and write this blog post the nesting organizers are filled with pens, post-it notes, and some unopened mail. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect with these, but these things are awesome. The minimal design, has sturdy hardware that complements my current organizational set-up.

Acrylic Wet Erase Desk Stand – $18.00 | Design Options: Mid Century Circles & Focused

A multi-functional wet/dry erase desk stand features a reusable to-do list & phone stand with room for your charger. This is an item I didn’t know I needed. My iPhone X fits perfectly, and I can keep a running list to-do. I’m using my Erin Condren wet-erase markers to jot down all my random to-do’s. But, you could easily use any type of dry or wet-erase markers.

Hexagon Pencil Holders – $14.00 | Design Options: Blush, Denim, & Pool

If you need some organization, but maybe not a full desk set this pencil holder is the perfect small companion. At $5.50 this price cannot be beat.


Acrylic – $20.00 | Turquoise Ombre

Metal – $22.00 | Metal Scissors

Paper Organizer – $12.00 | Design: Gold

Desk Organization Set – $26.00 | Design Options: Layers Neutral & Mid Century Circles Outline

Back to School Accessories

Clipfolio – $26.00 | Design: Charcoal Focused, Kaleidoscope Quote, & Colorful Mid Century Circles

This a clipboard and notepad folio all in one. It comes with a 7.5” x 10” notepad, an inner pocket to hold additional papers, and an elastic band to keep it all together. The notepad takes a similar format to the productivity layout. It’s perfect for planners on the move.

Pencil Case – $20.00 | Deign: Layers

The Layers pencil case is actually my favorite item from the collection, and not just because it comes in colorful layers! It comes with ten spots for pens as well as a front interior pocket and a deep bottom pocket. Perfect for planner supplies on the go, easy organization, or the perfect travel accessory.

File Folders 6 pack – $14.00 | Design: Layers & Mid Century Circles

Ok yes I have manilla folders, but, these high-quality cardstock are perfect for streamlined organization. Each pack comes with six folders that measure at 11.75”x 9.25”. I plan to use mine for some much needed sticker organization.

Square Prism Ruler – $10.00 | Design: Clear & Colorful

Similar to the acrylic ruler that launched last year, this 12” square ruler is a great addition it’s about a 1/4in diameter and is a welcomed and praticial addition to any organization system.

Petite Planner Holder – $6.00 | Design: Mid- Century Circles

A sneak peak that many of us have been anticipating. From the newsletter, to the online sneak peaks, this holder is perfect to streamline your petite planners. These holders have the ability to hold four petite planners. I know personally, the ability to quickly grab my petite meal planner, or an extra lined notebook is something that I won’t take for granted.

I’ll defiantly be picking up a couple additional ones to help in my current office organization efforts.

Accordion File Organizer – $24.00 | Design: Mid Century Circles

Twistable Crayons 12-pack – $8.50 | Design: Colorful

Planner & Stationery Accessories

Accordion Zipper Pouch – $14.00 | Design Options: Navy Ombre & Plum Ombre

Ok here me out. This is one of the most underrated items on the Erin Condren website. I currently have the rainbow version, and It took me 6-months to actually use it. But, now, I want one in every color. The zipper pouch contains 6 pouches all connected together. It is great to store or travel with planner supplies, but I use mine for toiletries when traveling. I cannot wait to snag another one of these for makeup storage and for my jewelry.

Productivity Binder Clips – 6.50

Binder clips and labels all in one. These are stylish all-purpose clips for easy sorting.

Customize Calendar Stickers (12 pack) – $9.50 | Design: Focused

Perfect for all minimalist, bullet journalist and anyone who wants to expand their organizational set. These customizable 12 months calendars are stickers. They fit perfectly in Erin Condren journals, or would similar style journal. You can place them on any blank page to create a blank canvas. While there are dates associated with the months, you could easily cut off the header to have a blank months for endless possibilities.

Clear Page Flags – $6.50 | Design: Colorful

For our color-coding enthusiast. These clear page flags have color-coded tips. You can fit multiple flags per page, planner, or notebook. The package contains a set of 12 that has 240 sticky page flags.

Hexagon Page Markers – $5.50 | Design: Colorful & Functional

Another item to help with color-coding, these page marker stickers allow you to mark important pages with color-coded stickers. You can create dividers or organize your pages. This pack comes with 36 stickers.

Magnetic Bookmarks 4-pack- $8.50 | Design Options: Colorful Layers, Focused, Metallic Mid Century Circles, Productivity

Four magnetic bookmarks to help you marks your place or group pages together. I love using these to mark important places in my notebooks, or to mark the day in my daily planner.

Pen Holder – $5.50 | Design: Gold Metal

This item surprised me by how much I liked it. It’s a pen clip, similar to the ones that are already offered by Erin Condren, however, since it is metal it is reusable. You can clip it on a planner, a notebook, honestly whatever you want. With it being reusable you have endless possibilities. It’s a great option to make sure you always have a pen.

Pencil Pouch – $12.00 | Design Options: Blush Corduroy & Black Velvet

A slimmer option to a planny pouch. This pouch may be small, but it is mighty. You can easily fit eight dual-tip markers, or other pens/ supplies.

Sticky Note Booklet – $10.50 | Design Options: Focused & Mid Century Circles

10 notepads x 20 sheet per pad for 200 sticky notes.

Seasonal Surprise Box Sneak Peaks are now live:

Last month I reviewed the Erin Condren Summer Seasonal Surprise Box (sold out). You can check out the video here! Many of the items in the past box were sneak-peaks, and have finally made their way to the website.

  • Dual- Tip Highlighters 5 Pack – $15.50

    • In my video I mentioned I wish they had brighter colors. It’s like they were reading my mind. Here they are, and YES they are worth it! I’m loving the brighter options.

  • Layers Note Cube – $10.00

  • Petite Planner Sleeve – $8.00 | Design Options: Blue & Clear Glitter

    The petite planner sleeve was one of my favorite items from the seasonal surprise box.

  • Pocket Scissors – $10.50

    An unexpected favorite. On our recent vacation, I found myself reaching for it a couple of times a day.

Zodiac Planner Charm – $10.00 | All the astroglial signs

There’s More…

As if everything else wasn’t enough there is an additional lifestyle item and some ideas on how to create some unique interchangeable covers.

Phone Card Holder – $15.00 | Design Options: Blush, Pastel, Purple Glitter

A stick-on phone wallet that allows you to keep your phone, cards, and cash together. The packaging states that it can fit all phones and cases.

Additionally, I was sent these two notebooks. These coiled notebooks are my favorites. Both the tie-dye and the cactus covers are on the site, but they came in my preview package with these quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and Gandhi. Right now, they are so important.

If you made it this far, thank you! I hope that this post helps your decisions. As I mentioned before, there is a full walkthrough video on my youtube channel. If you end up purchasing shoot me a DM or tag me on Instagram! I’d love to see how you use your organizational items and what unique ways you find to use the products.