Video editing services for social media

a note from laur

Hey y’all, it’s Laur here! The past year has been an unbelievably fun ride, flying to destinations near and far to capture content at your weddings and events. It’s been surreal to see my work featured in, New York Post and The Knot. I owe it to you–to say thank you for following along, sharing, inquiring, and booking me to create content at your events.

I stay in my DMs chatting with you and continuing to iterate and experiment. Wedding Content Creators are an entirely new vendor category in one of the world’s oldest industries. And y’all are here for it!

The primary responsibility of your wedding content creator is to capture a completely different side of your wedding than photographers and videographers. The candidness, the intimacy, the authentic joy your guests experience watching you get married, the…vertical format …it’s all there! And it’s your chance to capture and post in real time.

Your wedding day is incredibly special. Famously so. But capturing and sharing memories on social media will always be a challenge. Guests collect photos and videos and keep them on their phones, even after you ask. You step away for a few days or weeks for a well-earned honeymoon or break. Your photographer and videographer take weeks or months to compile those perfectly edited and curated photos and videos.

When you get back, you find yourself waiting for content you’re excited to share. And waiting. And waiting. Or you’re reposting the same 5 shots from your First Look. Listen y’all, I’ve been there! Learning how to make cute Reels and fun TikToks is not on the honeymoon itinerary. You’re busy with life–not with figuring out how to be a content creator.

Today, I’m offering a solution to help you solve this problem. You can send me your raw photos and videos from your wedding. I’ll turn them into the stunning, sweet, and short-form videos that are ready for you to share on social media. Just like I do for my clients when I’m live and in-person, creating content at their wedding!

It’s not just for weddings, though! Maybe you have an upcoming bachelorette party and don’t want to hire a content creator to come along. A rehearsal dinner that your videographer isn’t attending. A wedding shower lovingly planned by friends and family, but no one there to capture it. A shared album from a particularly memorable girls trip. Your friend is great with an iPhone but can’t match TikTok transitions to the beat of the music.

There are a million situations, and now you have three packages to choose from. From an entry-level package with three videos to a comprehensive 8-video package with a three-day turnaround, there is an option for everyone.

If you’ve wanted to work with me but it hasn’t worked out, now’s your chance!

I’m excited to work with you and help you create beautiful memories that you can cherish forever.