1500 Photos & Videos in 24 Hours = 1 Happy Couple

the details

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Package Purchased: The Full Creator

Hours of Coverage: 12+ hours

Final Deliverables: 1500+ photos and videos, 15+ short-form edited videos, Instagram Takeover, in-feed posts

Favorite Memory: Capturing the grooms in a quiet moment overlooking the reception from a private balcony–truly, a “wow” moment for all of us

Photographer/Featured Image: by Theo Nash Photography

The wedding of the century! That’s what Manuel and Peter’s guests will be saying about their celebration for years to come. This wedding took place in New Orleans and was nothing short of spectacular.

Manuel and Peter discovered me through my features on The Knot, Brides.com, and the New York Post. Though I was originally booked for their wedding date, lucky for them (and especially for me!), I ended up having a last-minute cancellation and quickly arranged travel to New Orleans to shoot Manuel and Peter’s wedding. And I’m so, so glad I got to be a small part of this incredible day.

Booking a Wedding Content Creator

Manuel and Peter booked my Full Creator Package which included Full Social Media Coverage the day of the event, as well as edited short-form videos. They also ended up adding on a package of additional edited videos because they loved their wedding content so much and had such a great time working with our team! I took over their Instagram stories and also did some in-feed posts during the day of the wedding as well as the day after.

Since Manuel and Peter booked later than couples normally do (6-9 months before is the average lead time), by the time I came into their wedding planning process, I leaned on their wedding planner to understand where and how I would fit into the overall media team for their event. Manuel, Peter, and I had several calls on the phone to nail down the details that they wanted captured, the many surprises they’d planned for guests, and what shots were most important to them. Capturing the behind the scenes photo and video was something they were really excited about seeing.

Capturing All The Wedding Day Details

Getting Ready

On the day of the wedding, I showed up bright and early and headed first to Peter’s hotel room where they were watching Harry Potter. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan as well (on Team Hufflepuff, don’t @ me), so it was fun and relaxing to hang out together and capture Peter in a quiet moment with some of his closest friends.

After that, I moved to Manuel’s room where they were listening to jazz music, munching on charcuterie, and sipping champagne. Which–come on–who doesn’t love the combo? Being able to respond well to the dynamics of each couple’s “getting ready” room underscores how important it is in your wedding to find vendors that you mesh well with. Manuel’s room is where I started the Instagram takeover for the day.


When the wedding festivities actually started, it really was nothing short of fantastic. Every detail was thought of and it was incredible in all of the best ways. We started off with a traditional Jewish Ketubah Signing, before moving onto their wedding ceremony. Getting to be a wedding content creator and witnessing so many amazing displays of love really makes this job the best.


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This venue and decor was outstanding. Capturing the behind the scenes photo and video of this was so much fun. Every place I turned around there was something new going on–a new experience for the guests. Manuel and Peter had flower vases for their seating charts, with a plethora of gorgeous florals and little details surrounding the entire venue. They had an audio guestbook, a coffee cart, a live painter, flapper girls, a beer cart, live oyster shucking–truly, everything you could imagine!

After the cocktail hour, we did a Second Line, which was my first, and hopefully not the last! Part of doing live wedding content creation means running down the streets of New Orleans to make sure we got incredible behind the scenes photo and video. I’ll do anything to get the perfect shot!

An Exceptional Guest Experience

Manuel and Peter really did create different wedding personalities for their day. There were different rooms within their reception venue that offered up myriad different experiences. You could take a beat and lounge on the couch, admiring the beautiful venue, or hit the dance floor to show your skills. After that, you could mosey over to the Speakeasy and grab a drink, or listen to live music with a cocktail in hand. There was something for everyone. Many of my favorite couples to work for and with are like Manuel and Peter–they focus their energy and effort on elevating the guest experience to make their event memorable, joyful, and non-stop fun.

All The Wedding Details – Ready to Share on Social Media

Because there was so much going on during Peter and Manuel’s wedding, it took a full team to capture and document every detail, big and small. I’d worked previously with their videography team, and worked seamlessly in tandem with photo and video to make sure we captured different shots.

This really speaks to what a live wedding content creator can do for you on your wedding day. Manuel and Peter thought of and executed a wedding with many experiences. With a big guest list you can’t be everywhere, all the time, for everyone. As the couple, you invest so intentionally in the guest experience and want nothing more than to to see those smiles, laughs and hugs exchanged between friends new and old. By having a live wedding content creator, you are able to get behind the scenes photo and video of the little details, guest reactions, and small moments you didn’t even know were happening.

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Manuel and Peter woke up the next morning with 1500+ behind-the-scenes photos and videos of their wedding day, which really did help them feel like they were everywhere–even when they weren’t.

They loved the short-form videos I made for them so much that they actually purchased an additional package of 10 videos!