Capturing the Details that Matter

the details

Location: New Jersey

Package Purchased: The Big Picture

Hours of Coverage: 8 hours

Final Deliverables: 1000+ photos and videos, 5+ short-form edited videos, Instagram Takeover, in-feed posts

Favorite Memory: Um, where to start?

They came for the entertainment! All of the guests at Madison and Paul’s wedding will never forget this dance floor, guest interactions, and well-crafted details that shone brightly on their big day! Everything was spectacularly executed and so amazing to capture as a wedding content creator.

Capturing the Details that Matter

Getting ready

One of the best parts of this job as a wedding content creator is that I get to show up and capture so many small details, behind the scenes photo and video, and the true emotions of the wedding day.

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With the Big Picture package I shoot 10 hours of coverage. For Madison and Paul’s wedding this we had decided that I would show up at 1pm. The girls were in full swing getting their hair and makeup done with enough time built in to hang out together, dance, and kick it. The guys were all in on the dancing, too, and everyone was having a blast by afternoon when I got there. Their wedding went on until midnight (with an insane after-party after the formal wedding), which means they had a long day, and the fun didn’t stop–not even for a second.


I’m based in NYC and will travel anywhere in the world, but I won’t lie–I love working with couples in the New York area. I especially appreciated this venue because it was all-in-one, with a bridal suite, a groom suite, a ceremony space, and enough room in the great hall for the reception. This is an underrated thing I encourage couples to look out for – having all your wedding-day events in the same location decreases the risk and travel time in your timeline.

the Viral moment

I can never guarantee any of my clients that I’ll make them a video that goes viral, but all it takes is a moment. Some couples prefer privacy, keeping the videos that I create to themselves. Most, however, love to broadcast these viral moments on their socials. I captured this moment in the bridal suite while Madison and her bridesmaids were getting ready which garnered 1.8 + million views in less than a month after their wedding.

sentimental details

I believe that the best weddings are the ones that have details that represent the couple. A behind-the-scenes detail was butterflies, which meant a lot to the couple. Butterflies represented a family member that unfortunately passed away, so they incorporated butterflies through many parts of their day. There were butterflies hanging down from their Chuppah, a butterfly brooch on the bridal bouquet, accents on all of the flowers, butterflies on the head table, and their seating chart was even made in the shape of butterflies. As their wedding content creator, being able to capture behind-the-scenes photos and videos of a symbol that was so integral to the couple and their families is one of the best aspects of my job.

the guest experience

The guest experience was the defining part of this wedding as well – specifically, the food. Madison and Paul had stations throughout their cocktail hour that were all creative and unique. Champagne was passed through a wall, a giant ice sculpture where sushi was served paired with a lychee martini, a bathtub filled with casa azul, a tequila bar with inverted lemons and limes, as well as freshly-prepared tacos to pair with. Truly, these details and how guests interact with and react to them are a wedding content creator’s dream to capture. I make it easy for the couple to see how appreciative their guests were of the thought and creativity they put into planning their event.

The Live Instagram Takeover

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My on-site wedding content creation packages include an optional Instagram takeover. Most clients are all for it, but some choose to opt out. Here is an example of how fun that Instagram takeover can be!

I was posting live in Madison’s Instagram stories throughout her entire wedding day, which allowed her whole community to plug in and participate. I work with all of my couples beforehand to figure out who they are and what they like. This includes their vision, songs they love, or moments they don’t want to miss. This is because my ultimate goal in capturing your wedding is to tell the story of your wedding.

Piecing together the audio with the video cuts really makes this something special. This is true with the edited videos I deliver to couples afterward, but also when I post live on your social media. People who can’t make it to the wedding can still participate, guests who attended can rewatch the fun, and the couple can watch their highlights and be transported back to the best day of their lives.

Madison and Paul woke up the next morning with all of their content and loved their fully edited short-form videos that were delivered after the wedding. that they get to watch hundreds of times over to relive all of the moments.