Capturing Candid Moments at a Luxe Atlanta Wedding

event Details

Location: Atlanta, GA

Package Purchased: The Full Creator

Hours of Coverage: 12 hours+, across 2 days

Final Deliverables: 2000+ photos and videos, 7 short-form edited videos, in-feed posts,

Favorite Memory: Incorporating the Pyebaek wedding ceremony into Jas’s content

Photographer/Featured Image: by Simplamor

You want to talk about a wedding where no detail was left behind? This was it! Nate and Jas got married in Atlanta on a beautiful day in November. It was, as weddings so often are, an incredible weekend of celebration. Jas and I actually met through TikTok. We formed a fast friendship as fellow 2022 brides, planning our weddings at the same time, online, sharing every decision with thousands of people. When Jas heard that I offered live wedding content creation, she made sure I was there for her wedding day.

Booking a Wedding Content Creator

One important thing to consider when booking a wedding content creator is your timeline: We are often there before your day even starts. Creating the most stunning transition videos means my call time is before hair and makeup start. It starts with hair and makeup, until I sign offline at the end of your day.

In most cases, this means I’m covering ~16 hours. Your wedding content creator is your own personal paparazzi! So when thinking about wedding content creation, ensure you pick someone who you know you’ll vibe with on your wedding day. There was a lot of existing trust and communication between Jas and me, which made for a totally flawless day working together.

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Live Wedding Content Creation

While my couples I work for aren’t very active on social media, some of them are–and Jas is one of the stars! She is a part-time content creator, which means that I went all out on her and Nate’s wedding day. We’re talking real-time posting, edited videos, and enough content to post for weeks after the wedding.

Nate and Jas booked the Full Creator Package with an additional add-on to cover their Friday night event. In all, this included two full days of shooting, real-time posting to her Instagram and TikTok, reposting tags on their own social media, in-feed posts to both Instagram and TikTok, and more edited TikToks for her to post after the wedding day. We also worked collaboratively to create a custom 4-week content plan for the month after her wedding. Several of Jas’s wedding videos went viral with more than 1 million views, which is the highest level of validation for your wedding content creator!

In the lead up to Jas and Nate’s wedding, we brainstormed a list of ideas and inspiration and created a content coverage plan. With this package, we also came up with the specific TikToks she wanted for after the wedding. This gave me a clear plan for the transitions and clips I needed to capture while in Atlanta. That way, Jas had everything she needed to be able to continue posting wedding content for long after the wedding day.

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A Traditional Pyebaek Ceremony

We started the live wedding content creation for this wedding on Friday evening. Nate’s family is Korean, so I was honored to take part in capturing a traditional Pyebaek ceremony. We got to meet the bridal party, watch the set-up of the ceremony, and capture Jas’s spectacular transformation into her formal hanbok. My favorite part of all: Capturing the emotions of family and friends throughout the ceremony. This was a special event to capture behind-the-scenes photo and video for, as it was significant to the couple and their families. I loved playing a small part in it!

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Luxe Wedding From Start to Finish

By early Saturday morning, we started the wedding content creation to coincide with hair and makeup. As always, I worked in tandem with the photographers and videographers to make sure everyone captured exactly what they needed. A fun detail about being a wedding content creator is that I frequently work with vendors multiple times; the videographer from Nate and Jas’s wedding is the same one I worked with two months later with Peter and Manuel. Getting to build trusting relationships with vendors is something I encourage each couple to consider.

Nate and Jas’s wedding was luxe, in every sense of the word. The true focus was for the couple to celebrate the best day of their lives. They pulled out all the stops when focusing on the guest experience, too. Capturing the behind the scenes photo and video for a wedding like this was an incredible experience!



Nate and Jas had a stunning, one-of-a-kind aisle with a focus on everyone being able to see and participate in the ceremony. Afterwards, guests enjoyed live entertainment during cocktail hour–a great transition from the ceremony into the reception.

The top moment was an iconic red carpet entrance experience focused on the guests! The first dances and speeches were fun, uplifting and their dance floor brought the heat! Their bridesmaids and groomsmen came to have fun, and it’s totally evident in the wedding content that I made for them.

Custom Candles and DIY Details

Another guest experience included a fun DIY project from Jas: Custom candles she handpoured and handed out to each guest. These candles were then lit at the wedding and used as the custom scent for the wedding day. Jas DIY’d multiple details in her wedding. I took great care to capture guests interacting with each of these DIY elements–allowing Jas and Nate to peek behind the curtain and see what their guests were loving while the couple was celebrating!

Building Relationships

One thing I really love about being a wedding content creator is the relationships built with not only the couple, but their family and friends as well. Whatever the circumstances might be around your wedding, I can help connect loved ones who aren’t able to attend to still experience the wedding through FaceTime throughout the day, and live photo and videos posted to the couple’s social media. For Jas and Nate, this helped loved ones who weren’t able to make it to the wedding watch Jas transform into a bride, the first look, parts of the ceremony, and any photos or video that the couple was tagged in that we reposted. Plus, I’ve now got a huge fan on TikTok in Jas’s Grandma! 🙂 

Valuable Memories

Nate and Jas called me the morning after their wedding in tears, after seeing all of the behind the scenes photo and video they got to relive together. You want to be as present as possible throughout your wedding day, but you truly can’t be everywhere. There’s nothing like having a gallery delivered the morning after your wedding with the iconic moments and moments you may have missed from the previous day.

Endless Social Media Content

Jas and Nate also got to watch the edited videos we collaborated on come together. Since Jas is a content creator, she achieved real-time posting to TikTok while retaining a full library of content to post for weeks and months afterward, too. Months later, Jas is still posting never before seen content that we captured for her audience on social media. The behind the scenes photo and video is so much fun to relive, every time you open your gallery! If posting to social media is something that is important to you, get in touch to see if there’s a package that works for you, too.

You wake up with videos like this:

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