Blowing Bubbles: Content Creation at a kid-friendly wedding

event Details

Location: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Package Purchased: The Big Picture

Hours of Coverage: 10 hours

Final Deliverables: 1000 photos and videos, 5 short-form edited videos

Favorite Memory: Eating mac and cheese at the kids table! (more on this later )

This bright and colorful fall day in chilly Pennsylvania was filled with so much happiness. I had an absolute ball working with Devon and Chris as their wedding content creator. Chris and Devon’s wedding was a beautiful expression of their love for each other, their families, and–most importantly, always–fun!

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How Devon Found Live Wedding Content Creation

Devon first discovered live wedding content creation by following me early on in the planning journey of my own wedding. She had been subscribing to regular updates on TikTok. Devon loved all the behind the scenes photos and videos that my wedding content creators captured and felt that our approaches to planning aligned well! Once she learned that I offer live wedding content creation, Devon wanted to book me ASAP to showcase all of the hard work and creativity that she and Chris invested into pulling off all of the surprises and fun twists from their wedding day!

Planning with the Couple

From the moment Devon contacted me about capturing her wedding day, we began the planning process. As a full service content creator, I’m there for my clients from the moment they book me until even after their wedding! We work together to create a custom content plan: To-do lists, inspiration, and a document of ideas, and we exchange contact information to discuss what’s important to them as a couple. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Devon talking through the timeline and little details she wanted to capture. We were in constant contact in the months leading up to their event, culminated by the planning call I have with every couple about a month before their wedding.

Capturing Their Wedding Day on an iPhone

As a wedding content creator based in New York City, I travel for the majority of my weddings. Devon and Chris got married in Pennsylvania, so it was an easy drive down to capture their big day. After a 4:00am wake-up and a power nap in the car (I wasn’t driving y’all, don’t worry), we arrived to the hotel and started the morning with hair and makeup. Right away, I began capturing behind the scenes photos and videos of Devon and her bridal party.

We also made sure to collect all the moments we could of all the small details throughout the day, starting right away when they woke up. Think: Coffee cups with “Bride” written on them, a crisp suit hanging from a hanger, friends hanging out and singing to work through the nerves and anticipation, the numbers of the hotel room, the outside of the venue–the list goes on. All the little things that are easy to miss when you’re focused on your wedding day, I make sure to document for later.

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Working collaboratively with the photographer and videographer, we captured all the moments of the day. We also worked closely with the couple’s day-of wedding coordinator to make sure we stayed on schedule. With everything happening throughout the day, we didn’t want to miss any important parts of the wedding!

Chris and Devon are very family-oriented and made sure to include all the children in attendance. They even had goodie bags based on the children’s ages with personalized activities included! The kids also got to choose their own dinner options, with crowd favorites like macaroni and cheese or chicken tenders. As you might expect, the kids were so lit! (So much for those who don’t like wedding food!) Devon and Chris even made special props for the kids on the dance floor.

Not only did the kids have a blast, so did the adults! It was such a cool and thoughtful way to incorporate kids into the festivities and even more fun to capture as their wedding content creator.

The bride and groom are big fans of Disney (same girl, same), as were many of their family members. They made sure to incorporate Disney into small details of their day. The DJ also made sure to include Britney Spears greatest hits since it was the bride’s favorite!

Looking back, the bright and fun colors really looking popped off the screen when you look at the couple’s behind the scenes photos and videos. Their venue looked incredible! The flowers were amazing to capture!

Another special detail is that the vendors included many the bride and groom had previously worked with or for in the past. The florists were someone that Devon had worked for before, and hair and makeup were close family friends. It’s a unique way to incorporate the important people in your life and relationship.

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Candid Moments You Won’t Want to Forget

Devon and Chris held their wedding indoors, so we saved the best outdoor moment for last. The happy couple had a special moment when they exited their ceremony where everyone got bubbles (secretly, my favorite–no risk of catching hair or attire on fire or finding dried rice in your shoe two years later). It was truly magical!

As a wedding content creator, I really immerse myself into the wedding day. Seeing it all come together is just so much fun–truly, and I mean this, the best part of the job. The relationships we build, all the amazing things I learn from creative couples and exceptional vendor teams, and all the cool guests I get to meet make wedding content creation an incredible experience for all involved!