Support a Small Business & Shop Local Gift Guide!

If this year has highlighted anything, it’s the impact of buying from makers and entrepreneurs and supporting local businesses to help weather this year together. As we head into the holiday season, commit to buy directly from small shops and give unique, hand-crafted gifts to your friends and family. Here are four companies I know and love with amazing products that make incredible gifts.

A note: No link in this post is an affiliate links. Part of my support in amplifying these amazing women-owned, minority-owned, and women-led businesses is to do so without asking for a commission in return. I’ll say it for the people in the back: Support your small, local businesses this year!

Storied Goods

Storied Goods is woman-owned and based in Roanoke, VA. Founded because delicious drink and food together provides hope in a complicated world, Storied Goods offers a variety of beverage-related products. They’re best known for their sugar cubes, which are the perfect addition to your coffee, tea, or your beverage of choice. If you have a mixologist or coffee aficionado in your life, check out the orange cherry sugar cubes for a unique twist on an Old Fashioned cocktail. Or try the cinnamon vanilla sugar cubes for some extra sweetness in your morning joe—yum! I have too many mugs in my house, but I’ll always make room for one more. This one, handmade for Storied Goods by Jars of Dust pottery, is the perfect accompaniment to their sugar cubes. Everything in their store is $10-28, so plenty of options to mix and match without breaking the bank!

Avryn Co.

I recently discovered Arvyn Co. from Greenville, SC, run by a local maker and mom, Kate. Her signature key wristlet—”Italian leather for your wrist, sassy brass for your keys”—will free up your hands for your purse, kids, groceries, coffee, and planners (duh!) without having to dig around for your keys. Avryn Co. makes stylish keychains and key accessories from real Italian leather in 9 colors with beautiful brass accents. The brass key ring is designed to securely slip your keys on and off without breaking a nail. In addition to the wristlets, they offer card wallets, key tags, and decorative leather ornaments so you’re sure to find something you love for someone you love. Options to personalize each product make the perfect gift even more special! Avryn Co.’s key tags start at $15, wristlets at $30, card wallets at $50—personalization on any item is an additional cost—and shipping on all US orders is currently free.

Hyggelight Growing Candle

Hygge (hoo-gah) is the concept of finding the special moments in everyday living—spending quality time with people, enjoying the outdoors and creating an atmosphere of coziness. The Growing Candle does just that and more. It’s a zero-waste product that starts as a luxurious candle and transforms into a pot of wildflowers creating a healthy atmosphere for you and the planet. Here’s how it works: All the labels around their candles have seeds embedded into them. Once the wax is gone, fill your container with soil, plant the label (just like any other seed), and grow yourself some flowers! The growing candle features 9 different ceramic designs with 11 different scents—plenty of combinations to order one for each person in your life. Candles range from $30-45 with free shipping on all orders over $75.

Frugal Bookstore

The Frugal bookstore is a Black-owned bookstore based in Boston, MA. And while I’m linking you to their website, this entry is a reminder that Black Lives Matter wasn’t just a flash in the pan this summer. A commitment to supporting Black creators—like me—and Black small businesses—like Frugal—extends beyond 2020. So this holiday season I encourage you to support a Black-owned business in your community. If you can’t find one easily, here’s a website to help you! Or feel free to use Frugal to shop for books; I can attest, they’re great! If you do gift a book, add a note or personalization in the front cover.

Leonard and Clarrissa Egerton, owners of Frugal Bookstore in Roxbury, MA.

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