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Welcome! I am so glad that you are here! I wanted to take a little time and properly introduce myself. While I feel 100% more comfortable showing y’all pictures of my week and talking about all of the nitty gritty planner details, I sometimes find it intimidating to talk about myself. But here’s a little about me: 

  • I am a true military child (an Army brat, to be specific). Meaning I spent the majority of my childhood in and around Army bases. I wouldn’t change it for the world. While this did mean I moved quite a lot in my childhood, it made my parents my best friends and our family super tight!

  • I grew up an only child, but have two brothers. I know it sounds strange. But there’s a 16 year age difference between my brothers and me, so there was very little overlap with us under the same roof.  

  • My mom is the original planner OG! It was probably the Army in her, but I cannot remember a single vacation that did not have a full itinerary, coordinating outfits, and a daily plan in place! While our traveling style has changed over the years, we now both partake in the trip planning!

  • I’m a runner! It’s an awesome thing to say. I run for distance – not time – and it’s been such a great thing for me. My latest racing adventure: the 2020 Disney Marathon!

  • I’m an Enneagram 6 – Wing 5 “The Guardian”

  • I live with my boyfriend John Michael (You’ll see me lovingly refer to him as JM). We met my freshman year of college and have been together going on 5 years. Up to this point, we’ve spent the majority of our relationship long distance as I finished school and we both lived internationally. He is fascinated by this planner community and is a full supporter, and absolutely loves the Focused collection. Dare I say, he is an #ErinCondrenDude 

  • During the day I work as a marketing associate for a professional services company!

  • I love to travel. It’s something JM and I prioritize in our relationship. It’s a great fusion of of our passion for seeing the world. There are endless planning opportunities for me and lots of adventure for him. We are currently planning a trip to Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest!

    One large goal I am setting is to plan a planner conference. As I sit here and write this I have never even been to one (manifesting, am I right?). My professional background is in event planning and I think it would be the perfect merger of two of my passions. 

  • My favorite planner accessory is the planny pack. I cannot live without it and I have so many of them!

    Thanks for hanging out with me. Hopefully, you learned a little more about me. I am super active on Instagram and would LOVE to chat with you!


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