Wild University’s June Major: 10 Minutes of Magic

What if you had 5 uninterrupted hours to work towards a goal–any goal? Time is life’s most precious commodity. Second to time, for me, is attention span. I don’t have much of either! But when I can sit down and crank out work, or carve through a to-do list, there’s no better feeling in the world. Unfortunately, both time and attention are in short supply these days! Am I the only one? Even when I time block, I’m lucky to squeeze a few hours of uninterrupted goal work. So let’s say you have 5 hours to work towards a goal. What could you get done?

I’m so excited to announce that this June I will be leading the Wild University Major, a course called 10 Minute Magic. If you aren’t familiar with Wild University, it is an online membership-based community group for planners & creatives just like you. Their mission is to encourage your dreams, intensify friendships, and equip your plans with practical education + inspiration delivered to your monthly dashboard. There are hundreds of hours of digital content on the platform, courses led by thought leaders (author Kendra Adachi was the May professor of the month!), and – my favorite perk – the most wonderful and supportive community of planners along for the ride.

The name for our course – 10 Minute Magic – is intentional. Over the course of a month, we come together for a challenge–a challenge of 10 minutes per day of uninterrupted work towards our goal. The result? After 30 days, 10 minutes a day equals 5 hours of work. I would do anything for 5 hours of uninterrupted goal work a month, but it’s so hard to find time. That’s why we will master the concept of a 10 minute goal routine.

What can you expect from this course? Together, we will build the foundation of successful habit formation and routine creation. These are two subjects people ask me about all the time. My mindset when it comes to goal-setting is simple, realistic, and achievable. These three concepts will be front and center throughout the month’s challenge. What is this process going to look like? We will talk through finding the right goal, how to create a plan for it, how to stoke motivation and cultivate discipline, and how habits are formed (and lost). Now you’ll have your chance to complete a hands-on challenge alongside me and the amazing community over at Wild U. The daily nature of the challenge means we’re putting into place the kind of consistent routine that goes well beyond 30 days.

If hanging out with me isn’t enough incentive, there are weekly prizes for participating in the course, as well as the grand prize, a free year of Wild University! If you want to sign up, access to Wild University is available for $22 a month, or $192 if you pre-pay for the entire year. There are dozens of videos from creators and thought leaders you’ll have instant access to if you join!

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