How to make your viral wedding moment (and no, you don’t need a million followers)

If you follow me online on TikTok, you’ve probably heard me say that I create viral content for weddings.

But what does that really mean, anyway?

Is it making a wedding recap video that gets over a million views? Or is it having content that gets picked up online by Carats & Cake, Betches Brides, Vogue, or someone else?

Yes! It is one, the other, and both at the same time.

But let me tell you something interesting about the clients I work with as a wedding content creator. Three things are true:

  • Do all couples I work with want videos from their wedding to be published online? (No.)

  • Does everyone want their videos, if they are published online, to get millions of views? (Also no.)

  • Are most of my clients social media accounts private? (Yes.)

So then what could I possibly mean when I say that I create viral content if the majority of my couples have private social media accounts, don’t want their videos shared online, and definitely aren’t seeking millions of views when they post?

It’s because we have an idea about what “viral content” actually is – and isn’t – and I think there’s an important distinction that everyone overlooks. I’ll explain what I mean.

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The ‘viral’ moment looks different for every couple.

Most of my couples are not active social media users, don’t have thousands of followers, and still get viral moments on their wedding day – whether you see it online or not, it doesn’t matter.

Wedding Content Creation makes all of that possible!

What makes a viral video?

Let’s say you’re with friends and, as we often do, you talk about a video you’ve seen online. Maybe it was funny, or sweet, or controversial. One of your friends has also seen that video! That’s a test and most people would agree; that’s a viral video.

What about the video makes it viral though? It’s just the algorithm. Enough people liked and interacted with it to push the video out to a wider audience. That’s how you saw it. That’s how I saw it. Nothing more and nothing less!

But let me tell you what viral feels like.

Because when you’re having a viral moment, it feels like engagement. It feels like a rush! Hopefully you’re going viral for the right reasons, and getting tons of comments, likes and shares as a result. It’s a sensation of overwhelm – the support and validation is hard to describe. It is a real wave of dopamine and good vibes.

You don’t have to have a conventionally viral video to get these feelings on your wedding day. And that’s where your wedding content creator comes in!

You have probably invested so much time, energy, and money into planning your wedding. You’ve spent late nights scrolling TikTok, accruing Pinterest boards and reading blogs like this one. There have been countless hours put into making sure your guests have an amazing time. (Spoiler alert – they will, I promise.) Everyone tells you that you’re going to have the best day of your life. So why not show off all that you’ve done?

Whether I create videos for you that go truly viral in the literal sense, or just make you feel viral, my goal is to make you feel a little like a celebrity on your wedding day.

Let’s look at a recent wedding I shot to see what that looks like:

wedding one – private social

  • Destination Wedding

  • The couple was not active on social media, neither had posted in over six months!

  • Each had less than 500 followers, comprised of family, friends, former classmates and colleagues

To accomplish a viral content strategy for , I did a weekend long social media takeover for the bride. This comprised dozens of IG stories, in-feed posts, polls, and questions to her audience.

The social media takeover is both the #1 question and #1 hesitation I hear from my couples. It’s scary giving someone the keys to your social media account! But I study your social media for weeks leading up to your wedding. We discuss what you’re OK with me posting, what fonts you like, what to post on “Close Friends” and what not to say.

I’m taking over your social media as you. So it’s essential to have a professional content creator on your team who has a track record of creating content if you’re going to have them take over your socials on the day of your wedding.

As for the Instagram takeover…we had a ton of fun with it and got the bride’s community involved. The couple was so excited to see their phones blowing up with DMs, comments, and likes from all of the people they loved, and some they hadn’t heard from for years!

This was the couple’s own viral moment, created for and shared with their community.

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We got to take people along on the journey that weren’t able to be there. We helped their community still feel included in their big day. But a really fun part was including people that were actually attending the destination wedding. They were so excited to see themselves in the couples’ content!

At one point we took a photo of the dreamy rehearsal spot and we had wedding guests commenting and responding via DM saying they couldn’t wait for the wedding. We had guests coming up to us saying they were constantly refreshing their phones because they were so excited to see what would be posted next.

The bride and groom had their own viral moment, beyond the feelings from their unforgettable wedding.

They also woke up the next morning with tons of content from their wedding day! They had hundreds of photos and videos to watch together. Some of these were moments they took part in and could relive immediately. Others are behind the scenes moments they missed out and got to see for the first time. All of these are moments that they will come back to for years to come!

@planwithlaur My goal with anything I capture from your wedding is to take you back to emotions and joy you felt in that moment #weddingcontentspecialist #weddingcontentideas #weddingmornings ♬ original sound – Laur | Wedding Content Creator

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To sum up what I’m saying, be unapologetically enthusiastic about your wedding day. Post it, show off the details you’re excited about, share what you’ve been working so hard on, or hire a wedding content creator to do it for you — I know one if you’re on the hunt

Make it a big deal, because it IS a big deal!