BTS: Working with your Wedding Content Creator

I edit more videos on late night flights than I care to admit!

One of the hardest things for a couple planning their wedding is to picture how everything comes together. I remember how this felt when I was a bride, aka completely overwhelmed.

You’ve spent months or even years planning your wedding–after all, the average engagement is 19 months before couples tie the knot, according to the Wedding Report.

And on the day of the wedding itself, chances are you have a strict timeline to follow to make sure each moment is happening at just the right time. Yet you’re also told to “just have a good time and don’t worry about it!” Yeah right!

It’s a lot to manage in the planning process, but it’s even harder to stay present during your wedding, no matter how hard you try. This is where your vendor team comes in! You’ve hired a team of vendors that (*fingers crossed*) will make sure everything runs according to plan.

As your wedding content creator, my job is to help couples see behind the scenes of their wedding day, capturing moments and creating edited videos, in real time, delivered to you the next day. If I do my job, you can just focus on enjoying those moments because you’re not worried about missing them.

But what is it like to work with a wedding content creator? Let me take you behind the scenes before the wedding day.

getting started with the couple

We normally start working anywhere from 6 months to 2 years (!) before your wedding. My relationship with each couple is intentionally collaborative from day one. This is exactly why I take a limited number of weddings each year.

We start a very dynamic and open two-way dialogue from day one. From my experience, this closeness is comparable only to the relationship you have with your planner. Why is that? It’s because other than your planner, you’ll spend more time with me than nearly any other vendor on your wedding day. I’m there from before you start getting ready to the moment you leave. I want you to feel like you have a friend and confidante alongside you, bringing out your best side for the candid photo and video content I create.

This plays out in the wedding guide we create that is unique to you and your wedding. Which moments do you want captured? Are there any TikTok or Instagram trends you want to capitalize on? Am I taking over your Instagram account and bringing your community along behind the scenes of your wedding day?

I encourage my clients to text and DM me when they see video content they want me to recreate for them at their wedding. It’s a uniquely collaborative approach that I feel only a wedding content creator is going to capture for you.

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laur’s tip for couples

“Invest in your relationships with your vendors. You’ll feel that the investment you make in your wedding is worth it when you do.”

getting to know exactly who you are

Another reason why we work so closely together is because it’s not acceptable if it looks like my team took over your social media for the day. We want it to look like it’s YOU posting. You’ve worked so hard on your wedding and more and more couples want to share their big day with the world.

My favorite feedback to hear at weddings – “How is the bride posting right now?” “How did they get this on Instagram so quickly?” – guests are amazed at how the couple is so relaxed, yet simultaneously posting in real time. That’s the secret sauce really: If I can learn how to be you, you can be you on your wedding day. No detail is lost, down to the fonts, color, songs, and text. Each post and video feels just like you and your partner.

Most wedding content creators just focus on capturing moments behind the scenes. My unique value is that I create videos for you out of moments – I’m not there just to capture behind the scenes. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 followers, I put the same energy and effort into making you feel like a celebrity! And when I say I create viral moment, this doesn’t have to mean that you go viral online. But if I can help you get hype and love on your wedding day, ultimately that’s what I’m here to provide.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about a wedding content creator is they just use phone to capture behind the scenes moments. You should expect a lot more. If I’m not actually creating edited video content, I’m just a friend with a phone.”

transporting you back to your wedding day, the next day

When I create videos for you, I always sure you are taken back to the feeling you had while experiencing it. That’s the most important part of my job!

Yes, I can do TikTok and Instagram trends. Sooo many trends. If you’ve seen it, I’ve probably already done it–my content guide includes 50 TikTok trends that I’ve mastered and can create for you from scratch. But the approach on your wedding day is about so much more than fun trends.

Being a wedding content creator is about telling your love story through short-form video. You’ll get fun photos and videos to use as sneak peeks. But I’m also capturing moments that are not typically included by your photographer and videographer.

If you go off during your cocktail hour to take photos with your new spouse, you miss key parts of your guest experience. My second shooter heads off to photos with you while I work the room at cocktail hour, capturing those moments so that you can relive them tomorrow.

At a recent wedding, a bride went for an outfit change during the reception. Her Dad ended up on the dance floor in a hype dance circle moment where he did a split! She had no idea it happened while she was getting changed. She was so thrilled the next day when I delivered her gallery, including a dance floor edit that featured her dad.

By delivering these moments, you are able to truly relive your wedding day, and even experience some of the wedding day for the first time if there were parts you missed. Being able to capture the memories for you is an incredible feeling as we want you to be able to capture all the emotions associated with your big day. That’s the magic of your wedding content creator.