Recap: GoWild 2022 in #Planaheim!

Story time…

When I first joined the planner community years ago, I saw many people writing “Go Wild” in their planners. I thought–no joke–that people were saving money to party and…Go Wild. And I thought, hey–more power to you! I have to set aside time to party and go wild, too. It did make me curious to learn more. Why was everyone talking about going wild?

So it was funny to learn that GoWild is actually the largest conference for planners. People just like me: Type A and obsessed with organization, planning and productivity! I knew I had to go to the next conference. So I bought a ticket for the 2020 conference. Well, I don’t have to tell you that that conference never happened. Nor did the one scheduled for 2021. But I’m so excited to say that I went to GoWild in 2022!! This is my first Go Wild conference, my second time to California (more on this in a second!), and the first time I was ever in a room with people who are more wild for planners than I am!

Now, I’m not the best at re-telling history. But the Go Wild Planner conference was born out of a community of like-minded people on the internet. A handful of people in a Facebook group called Planners Gone Wild decided to organize an in-person conference to bring the online community in person back in 2016. It all started with that first conference in New Orleans. Tickets to the event sold out. And each subsequent event has sold out, too!

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Go Wild has truly become an annual staple in the planner community, welcoming more than a thousand die-hard planner enthusiasts to a new city each year. I feel fortunate to be part of this event! We bring together everyone from planner hobbyists, to content creators, to to planner businesses and Etsy shops and everyone in between.

The main event took place from Thursday to Saturday, headlined by the Planjama PJ party on the last night. But there’s so much more to the conference than this one event. There are keynote speakers and planner experts. There are workshops and the opportunity to meet friends from near and far. Every planner brand and sticker shop under the sun is there with limited and exclusive releases and sneak peeks of their upcoming products.

There are two additional experiences that complemented the main GoWild ticket this year. I emceed the Shop Summit on the Wednesday. If you’re a business owner that sells planner products and accessories, there are panel interviews, keynote speakers, and networking. This was an add-on experience to the core GoWild ticket that happened before the conference started on Thursday.

There was also an add-on ticket to the budgeting session hosted by JenPlans, that took place simultaneously on Wednesday! These add-on experiences just show how the conference has grown in scope over the years. There’s truly something for everyone. And while I couldn’t make it to the Budgeting Summit this year, I’d love to go in the future.

In November, I headed out to Anaheim to get the lay of the land! Check out my Behind The Scenes video if you’re planning to go to Go Wild next year – or any time in the future!

I have a few takeaways for those of you who will be joining me for future Go Wild conferences.

Start saving now. Whether you’re a true budgeter with a sinking fund, or someone who just needs that early reminder, here’s a quick breakdown of costs if you are planning ahead for next year.

  • A ticket for the Go Wild conference in 2021 was $549, inclusive of ticketing fees.
  • Attending the Shop Summit or Budgeting Summit as well? Add on an extra $137 – or bundle all three together and save! You’re still talking $650-725 for any of these add-on experiences
  • The hotel room rate was $169 + taxes, so about $200 all in. The conference is minimum 2 nights, and I highly suggest arriving a day early and/or leaving a day late so you have time to hang with new friends! And to decompress from the conference.
  • Flights into a major airport will run $250-$500, depending on your origin

So we’re talking an all-in cost of $1500-$2000 without factoring in food and entertainment.

Is it worth it? Only you can be the judge of that with your financial situation. But I’ll tell you that I’ve never felt more energized, loved, and understood than I have at Go Wild. The coolest thing is everyone is bonded by their love for planners. Everyone in attendance is like-minded with an energy that is unbeatable. It’s hard to replicate. The only other feelings I’ve had like this is at a wedding where everyone is there to celebrate the couple. This is like celebrating yourself & your hobby, so it’s even more special. 

Yes, it is a little awkward. You meet and see people you’ve only met online. It’s a new and unfamiliar space. Planning is an activity that helps you gain control, so there is an element that feels a little out of control. But this is also what makes GoWild so special. 

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Try to get there a day early or take an extra day on the back end of the conference. You’re waking up early, staying up late, you might be drinking. This will throw you off of your daily routines. Give yourself some time to recover on the front or back end of the conference.

Be ready for this: There’s a collective emotional letdown on the back end. You’ll probably feel run down. I know I sure am today. If you’re interested in going to GoWild in 2023, it will happen again! We’re not sure where yet, but keep an eye out. I can’t wait to Go Wild with you in 2023!

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