Erin Condren Daily Duo 2020/2021 Review

Collaboration with Erin Condren

The NEW Erin Condren LifePlanners are here!

It’s my first Erin Condren Launch and I am pumped to be a part of the launch team and to share in the excitement and happiness of a new planner season.

I am previewing the New Daily Duo before the official launch. First and foremost, I want to thank the Erin Condren team for sending me these planners and accessories to share with you. Below I will deep-dive into the Daily Duo, accessories, and some launch information while providing my opinions and thoughts throughout.

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Launch Information

Launch Dates

If you are an EC insider, you can purchase starting on April 27th – 28th. If you aren’t an EC Insider (their reward system), you can signup HERE. The Official Launch will be on April 29th.

Now, what we are all excited about: Launch Day Gifts!


This year, Insiders will get TWO (yup— you read that right) gifts.

You’ll choose between:

  • Layers Productivity Journal

  • Layers Colorful Beaded Coin Purse

and, while supplies last, you will receive a Layers Clear Clutch.


This year there are two themes, Layers and Flower Power. I want to point out that each of the themes has colorful and neutral options for the LifePlanners.

`Layers Neutral | Photo:


“Layers a beautiful reminder that a strong foundation is built upon infinite layers. Each multicolored layer builds upon the next for a complex and inspiring result.” – Erin Condren Website

  • Will come in colorful and neutral

  • Will come in three layouts: Horizontal, Vertical, and Daily Duo (The Daily Duo can ONLY be purchased in colorful.

I didn’t know how they were going to top kaleidoscope. But honestly, I love Layers even more.


Flower Power

“Each month we’re introducing a new bloom for an entirely unique interpretation of this beloved floral design.” – Erin Condren Website

  • Will come in only the colorful option

  • Will come in three layouts: Horizontal, Vertical, and Hourly

  • Will have all the same accessories as layers


LifePlanners start at $55. You will be able to customize these. You have the option to customize your coil with black matte, yellow gold, or rose gold. Customized coils are +$10. And prices could vary for covers depending on if you choose a foiled cover or not.

The Daily Duo starts at $68 and upgrading a coil will only be +$10 for both books (same options as above).

I am typically a gold gal. But, man oh man, you can’t go wrong with any of the coil colors this year!

The Daily Duo: Everything You Need to Know

The Basics

  • The Daily LifePlanner Duo is an incredible new offering featuring two hand-coiled books with 80-pound mohawk paper, thick coil (best coils in the game!), coiled-in stickers, and interchangeable covers. This set is an $80 value that starts at $68 for 12 months of stylish daily planning. Y’all. The Daily LifePlanner Duo is a brand. new. layout. For the daily binder lovers, this layout is very similar.

  • When you purchase this you will receive:

    • Two six-months planners

    • 3 covers – You can personalize one of your covers. The second half of the year will come with a colorful Layers cover. But during launch, you will receive a coupon for a free personalized cover that can be redeemed at any time. So all in all, you get three interchangeable covers. Y’all can’t beat that!

    • A bookmark

    • 4-sticker pages in the back

    • Circle Label

    • Compliment Cards

    • Gift Labels

    • Family and Friend Discount Cards

Some things to note:

  • Here are the dimensions

  • The Daily Duo will have a tabbed monthly layout. Who knew that this tab would be in the middle of such controversy.

  • It will include updated dashboard productivity pages. I love the dimple layers details on this page. The left page changed from a blank page to a lined page. I didn’t really use this section last year, so I will have to be better this year. It would be a great goal-setting page!

  • And the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) will share a page. Now, I’m still 50/50 on this. I think I will need to be in the planner for a couple of weeks to truly decide what is best. But, somethings to note. I did a test of the productivity tape, and unfortunately, it is not formatted for this design. From my understanding is it formated to fit in the petite daily planners.

The Daily Duo will actually be two planners broken into six months each. (July 2020 – December 2020) & (January 2021 – June 2021). You cannot purchase these separately, but you can purchase the calendar year. The two books will come together starting at $68.

  • There are approximately 99 pages (my sweet boyfriend counted!)

  • We have our beloved 80-lb. Mohawk paper

  • One thing I’m going to miss from my Hourly LifePlanner are the additional contacts, dot-grid and coloring pages in the back

  • You’ll also get a perpetual calendar

I am unsure why the right side is eight months instead of six, but I really do love the idea of being able to look at the year-at-a-glance.

New Accessories

As I mentioned before, there are two themes for this year’s launch (although the Daily Duo ONLY comes in Colorful Layers). That means there are two sets of accessories to choose from. The accessories in the Layers box include:

  • DIY Interchangeable Pen Kit ($22.50). Similar to the pen from the Spring Seasonal Surprise Box. The kit contains 4 highlighter tips, 6 medium tips, 3 fine tips, and 2 barrels. You’ll be able to mix and match the tips using the barrel as the base.

  • Live a Life Layered In Color Sticker Book | Available in Layers and FlowerPower ($15.50). Featuring a new, folio-friendly size, the book comes with 12 sticker pages filled with 529 stickers. The book also includes washi stickers. Some foiled, some transparent — all functional for your planning needs. This is probably my favorite accessory!

  • Planny Pack (Available in Colorful & Neutral Layers and FlowerPower). Y’all know I love me a good planny pack. This one has gold accents with an elastic band that easily slips over your planner. Unfortunately, these will not be available at launch and will be released next month.

  • 2-Sided Reusable Snap-in Dashboard (Available in Layers and FlowerPower) ($5.50). 3.63” by 9.25”, there are sections for Monday – Sunday on one side, with priorities and to-dos on the other.

  • Mini Snap-In Layers Bookmarks (Available in Layers and FlowerPower) ( Which snap directly into your LifePlanner.

  • Washi Tape (Available in Layers) ($5.50). 2 x 16-foot rolls of washi.

  • Compliment Cards ($5.00). 10 cards with inspirational quotes printed on one side with a blank back. I slip these into Christmas and birthday presents for a special touch!

  • Ballpoint Pen (Available in Layers and FlowerPower)($18.50). In a beautiful decorative box, this isn’t something I would normally splurge on, but you can never say no to a beautiful desk accessory.

  • Stylized Sticky Notes (Available in Colorful & Neutral Layers and FlowerPower) ($10.50). .9 Pads x 20 Sticky Notes each = 180 Layers-themed sticky notes!

Now there is one more exciting addition being added to launch!

18-Month Petite Monthly Planner: Yup! I cannot make this up, a new petite planner. This includes 18 colorful monthly spreads from July 2020 to December 2021, with 104 gold metallic functional stickers. There are 80 pages and the dimensions of the book are 5” x 7” x 8.25″.

I’m planning on carrying this with me so that I have a forward planning tool with me since the Daily Duo only goes six months out!

And there you have it, folks! The 2020/2021 Daily Duo! All in all, I am impressed with the Daily Duo LifePlanners. After introducing the binder last year, the EC team continues to innovate and push the envelope. I really admire that the Erin Condren team listens to their customers and can’t wait to see how they will iterate to make each edition even better! One thing to know: By not compromising on the quality of the coil or the paperweight, the Daily Duo is a large 6-month planner with fewer note pages than the LifePlanner.

I’ve spent this week playing around with different layouts. All I can say is that I am SO excited to incorporate this into my daily planning routine.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are. I have a bunch of fun content planned for the next week and I’m excited to here about and what you will be snagging on Launch Day!

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