A letter to 2022

Dear Reader,

Like many people, I spent the last two years thinking often about the trajectory of my life. Those reflections haven’t always been comforting. I’ve thought about loss – of plans, and of people – far more than I wanted to. But I always strive to be honest with you and with myself about where I am now and where I intend to take Plan With Laur. It’s in that spirit that I want to talk to you about 2022. 

In case you didn’t yet know, I quit my 9-to-5 corporate job last October. This decision was a hard one for me. I wrestled with it for a long time. I believed that my brand and identity depended in part on being a corporate employee with a side hustle. Losing that was scary. Not just for the financial security – and insurance! – it entails, but because I didn’t know if people would think I was selling out. 

But I realized that my corporate job was crowding out the opportunity to be the person I love being the most: Your Type A BFF. Your go-to-gal for all things planning and productivity. Your accountability partner and biggest cheerleader for the big and thorny goals you take on in life. Quitting my job freed me up to create more content, yes. It also gave me a chance to think harder about creative ways to serve my community and make your life easier and more joyful.

I’m excited to share more of my life with you in 2022. At the center of my plans for this year is my wedding in late summer. You should expect to see plenty of wedding content. It makes me happy to share our wedding process with the world. And if this is interesting to you, the Plan With Laur TikTok page is where you’ll see the most of it! 

I’m also excited to share bite-sized organization tips in a series I call: Tap Into Your Type A. (We all have a little Type A in us, y’all. We all have it.) You’ll be able to find that, and other Reels I create about planning and productivity, on my Instagram page. I also plan to share behind-the-scenes of my life living in New York City – my favorite city in the world! 

If you are interested in the behind-the-scenes of life as a content creator, brand builder, and small business owner,  I will share more about this in the Live With Laur series on Instagram Live. I also plan to incorporate some of this content on my YouTube channel. On YouTube you should also expect to see planner and product reviews, tips for goal-setting, organization, and productivity. 

Since you’re reading this post on the blog, the blog will be a repository for planner reviews, updates on goal-setting, and big announcements. When a major brand launches their academic and calendar year planners, I want to cover it in-depth on the blog! I’ve done this in the past and many of you have said it’s extremely helpful.

I want you to know how much I value your support. Whether it’s a direct message on Instagram or a comment on a YouTube video, I want you to know I read and appreciate every note. If you’d like to participate in a more direct way, I have a Patreon community with several different tiers depending on how you want to participate. We have an incredible community with monthly calls, a Facebook group, creators looking to build their social media brands – it’s full of wonderful people and I invite you to participate if it feels right for you.

This adventure wouldn’t be possible without my small but mighty Plan With Laur team of Tristan, Katie, Kristin, and Meg, all of whom help me with videos, photography, strategy, the admin work, pitching to brands – you name it, they help me with it – I truly couldn’t do it without you. A special thanks to my partner, fiancée, and soon-to-be-husband, John Michael! He’s my tech guy and supporter of all my good (and not so good) ideas. We make a good team, and if there’s anything I’m most proud of, it’s this.

Here’s to this year,


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