Recommit to your goals: the bundle and workshop

You’ve seen the statistics and you know the feeling of disappointment: By mid-February, 80% of New Years goals get derailed. By another metric, it takes just 21 days for most goals and intentions to get mothballed. The best goals and intentions are no match for the habits and routines we’ve developed over years and years. If your goals aren’t working exactly as planned, that’s OK. I think we’ve all been there, myself included. But instead of throwing all that hard work away, how can we make a plan to get back on track?

It was this question that I sought to answer by creating the Recommit to your goals bundle with the wonderful team at bloom daily planners. I worked with bloom on my first round of printable bundles, Finding planner peace and Creating your planner routine. The feedback from y’all using those bundles was so positive that we decided to collaborate again–this time, on one of my favorite areas of planning: goal-setting!

About bloom daily planners

I’m thrilled to release this bundle in collaboration with the team at bloom daily planners. bloom’s number one goal is “to help women take control of their days and ultimately live more fulfilled, intentional, and well-planned lives.” Their physical products are complemented by a wide variety of printables and resources. This collaboration with bloom makes sense for me because of their focus on supporting other women achieve their goals an live a more positive life.

Recommit to your goals

My approach to goal-setting is all about three things: mindset, flexibility, and reality. I find with most people I work with, their goals get derailed because of a snag in one of these three categories. Mindset, flexibility, and reality. I use the word roadblock with each of these categories to describe the obstacles we face along our goal-achieving journey.

A mindset roadblock, for example, is saying you can’t complete your wellness goal because you’ve never prioritized wellness over work. Says who? People with fixed ideas tether ourselves to an ongoing myth that as human beings we are static and consistent, not dynamic and capable of change. Prioritizing one thing over another is a mindset decision made by us–and us alone.

A flexibility roadblock is saying that work towards your goal must follow a prescribed path. One example: If your goal is to learn a new language and you define success as “being proficient in everyday conversation,” well–you may be disappointed if by February you’re still learning the colors. That’s OK. There’s always time to reframe (or to catch up); you don’t have to follow a goal journey at every calculated step. And besides, learning los colores is an important step of that journey!

A reality roadblock is setting consistently too-lofty targets. I’d love to be a millionaire this year, too. But I don’t have to tell you that making money is a grind. If you’re starting from zero, is a million dollars a viable target this year? Perhaps not. Setting “stretch” goals is so important. Every goal can’t be a stretch goal, however, lest you run the risk of disappointing yourself. This disappointment can then feed the mindset and flexibility roadblocks we mention above, creating a particularly nasty feedback loop.

The bundle I created addresses these roadblocks and their corresponding responses. Think, how do you respond when these roadblocks are presented? This roadblock-response activity is just one of the six activities I walk you through in the bundle. I believe that each exercise will make you think critically about your goals. I hope that by the end you feel simultaneously more relaxed and more motivated. I hope that by the end you feel empowered. Above all, I hope that by the end you understand why you set your goal and that you see a path–perhaps a new one–to achieve your goal.


The Workshop

And guess what? You are not alone on this journey! As part of the launch, I am hosting the first-ever Plan With Laur workshop! In the workshop we will:

  • Walk through the bundle live, while also discussing each activity in more depth

  • Discuss the mindset around goal setting, specifically how it can help and hurt us

  • Talk about how to incorporate goals into our planners and into our routines

Why join the workshop? A group of like-minded goal-setters are getting together to discuss strategies to get back on track when you “stray” from the pre-defined goal journey you set out for yourself. Using the activities in the bundle as a guide, we’ll share tips and tricks with each other!

When: Sunday, March 7, 2021 from 4:00pm – 5:00pm EST

Where: Via Zoom, then pre-recorded afterwards (you will be sent the link after buying your registration online!)

I’m here to support and uplift you on your goal journey, I’m so excited about this–let’s do this y’all!

Not sure if this is for you? Don’t just take my word for it, listen to those who already started using the bundle.