The Newest Wedding Vendor: Wedding Content Creators

Wondering how to capture all the behind the scenes details, intimate moments, trending videos, and post in real time on your wedding day without ever picking up your phone?

Wedding content creators are the answer

In a wedding content creator, you have a pro working alongside your photographer and videographer to document the spontaneous, special moments you can’t predict—including those you might not even be present for.

“I’m capturing authentic and candid moments that give your event life and color.”

Meet the Face of Plan With Laur

I’m Lauren Ladouceur, the Wedding Content Creator. I’m passionate about telling love stories and making the bridal and wedding space feel inclusive to everyone.

I have the most fun job! During the week, I am a wedding and bridal influencer and content creator. I share tips on my social media (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube) that make your wedding day easy and accessible – tips that you can implement right now while you plan your wedding. I learn so many of these ideas as a wedding vendor. So I’m tuned in with what couples want because I’m there, every weekend, embedding into the wedding day of couples all across the country!

Every week I host an Ask Me Anything on Instagram where I answer all your burning wedding questions. Anything from what to do with an overbearing mother-in-law to how to piece together your wedding day timeline.

In addition to all of the above, I work with wedding pros and consult with brands via brand deals and speaking collaborations. I bring my experience from all of these areas to share all that I learn on social media, with you.

what is a wedding content creator?

As a wedding content creator, I create viral content in real time for couples on their wedding day. I’m working behind the scenes to capture all of the moments you’ll want to look back on for years. Even – and especially – the ones you can’t plan for!

Wedding content creators are working within your media team, including your photographers and videographers, to document all the best moments of your wedding day. The difference with your wedding content creator is that you get your gallery within 24 – 48 hours, as opposed to the weeks or months you’ll wait excitedly for everything else.

The instant access is the most special part, and delivering a gallery is always my favorite part of the job. Imagine waking up the day after your wedding and rewatching your favorite moments of your wedding day, as well as some you may have even missed.

“A wedding content creator is neither a photographer nor a videographer. Photographers and videographers are going to deliver a product that they’ve likely gone to school for and have spent hours perfecting. Their craftsmanship is so beautiful that you wait four to 12 weeks to receive it, depending on who you’re working with.”

As I discussed with The Knot, I shared how at a recent wedding I shot, the photographer and videographer were capturing details like the decor at the reception venue, while I was in a private room with the couple while they signed their marriage license. These moments are spontaneous, intimate and unplanned. This couple was waving to guests through the window and I got to capture the joy they felt when seeing their guests arrive.

The recent surge in wedding content creation

When I first started as a wedding content creator, half of my job was explaining what I do. Vendors, couples, and the wedding industry as a whole was figuring out this new vendor category.

But the landscape has definitely changed in the last two years.

We’ve seen a surge of people interested in wedding content creation, inspired by it, passionate about it. It’s been incredible to see new wedding vendors enter the industry, and helping mentor new people entering the field of wedding content creation. We are seen now an integral wedding vendor, which makes the entire industry better.

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different content creation styles

Just like how photographers have their signature style, each wedding content creator has their own style too! Earlier this year, I got to chat with Brides about some of my work and how my style has evolved over time.

My personal approach is very couple-centered. I’m focused on making sure you have fun, cutting the stress, and capturing the raw and unfiltered moments on your wedding day. When I first started in weddings, I focused more on creating trendy, viral content for couples. While I still create trend videos, I also put together edited videos that tap deeply into the emotions of your day!

@planwithlaur There are a lot of moving pieces on a wedding day, and it can be hard as a wedding content creator to know what to prioritize. These are my top three wedding content creation tips for a smooth wedding day! #weddingcontentcreator #weddingcontentcreatortips #weddingcontentideas #weddingcontentcreatoradvice #weddingcontenttip ♬ original sound – Laur | Wedding Content Creator

So much of your wedding can feel like a production. When I approach with the social media lens, we can have a ton of fun! When I work with my couples, I create a custom guide for them which allows us to collaborate and make sure their personality clearly shines through in the content we create. Here’s an example – Instead of choosing a song for a video that I think matches the vibe of the video, I’ll use your first dance song, or a special song I’ve heard during your wedding day. It takes a sentimental video and elevates it one more notch.

Viral content is exciting and fun, but I’m there to create emotional content that will make you laugh and cry. My ultimate goal is to use these videos to transport you right back to your wedding day. I want the sentiment, love and warmth to be there as much as any trend videos we create together.

The most beautiful moments won’t be planned.

One of the really cool things about my content that’s delivered is that the videos that couples watch the most are often the ones that are never shared publicly. These are intimate moments, funny things that happen throughout the day. They are the Dad seeing his daughter in her dress for the first time, the laughs at the bar in between ordering drinks, the look on Grandma’s face while she watches the groomsmen getting down on the dance floor – moments that might not be viral but are irreplaceable to the newlyweds. These are videos they will treasure and share a generation from now. It’s a level of spontaneity and candidness you can’t plan, and those are typically the best moments of your wedding day.

how do i find a wedding content creator?

If you’re searching on Instagram and TikTok, you should check out the hashtag #weddingcontentcreator as well as adding your location to that search, like #weddingcontentcreatornyc to find pros close to where you’re getting married. Many wedding content creators are willing to travel and may include it in their packages, so don’t let that stop you from finding a style and a person you love!

wedding content creator portfolio

All wedding content creators should have a portfolio, just like any other vendor you hire on your wedding media team. The tricky part is that most are posting their content on another person’s account, so you might have to do some searching beyond their own social media pages to find what you’re looking for. I love to share client work on my page (with client permission) so I can share a little snippet of all the beautiful weddings I get to capture!