you hired a wedding content creator, so now what? 4 iconic video ideas for your wedding day

It’s Sunday evening and you’re laying on the couch scrolling Pinterest for some wedding day inspiration because, what else do we do during engagement season? Do you find yourself drawn to photos that are documentary-style, where your photos feel less staged and posed–and more candid?

Or are you looking for a photographer who really nails current trends? Light and airy? Dark and moody?

At some point while planning your wedding, you will ask yourself the same question about your videographer. And the same for your wedding content creator. And your DJ. And your live painter, cake decorator, florist, caterer–and the list goes on, and on.

This is why I counsel couples on their wedding planning journey to make sure that before you hire anyone, you really take a look at what they deliver to their clients, because it will vary A LOT depending on the person and their style.

If you’re looking for a wedding content creator, you might be drawn to someone who really captures the behind the scenes moments of your wedding day. Maybe they are really focused on details, or they are a wedding content creator that loves to interact with and capture the experience of your guests.

Picture you and your partner sitting on a beach in 30 years sipping margaritas and watching your wedding videos. Is that a thing? If not, let’s make sure it’s a thing! Really think about your wedding day and what you will want to see years down the road. BUT, that’s not what this blog post is about – just a little soap box I had to go on for a quick sec!

you found the one, now what?

When I say THE ONE, we’re not talking about your future spouse. I’m talking about the next most important thing, the wedding content creator. Kidding…kidding – kind of…

laur’s tip for couples

It’s really important to spend time before your wedding day really thinking through content ideas or going through a guide to get a feel for what you really like.

You know when you open TikTok to get some ideas and all the sudden you’ve wasted hours on that app (OOPS!) Really pay attention to the wedding related or design videos that draw you in. What kinds of things do you love and want for your own day?

Communicating these ideas with your wedding content creator in advance is really helpful so you can let them know what you hope to see in your final gallery. Seeing inspiration videos helps your wedding content creator get a feel for your vision. It also is really beneficial in setting expectations so they know if it’s something they can deliver or not.

The timeline matters

OBVIOUSLY. We know your wedding day timeline is basically the backbone of your wedding day. Nobody wants to sit down for dinner at 7pm, only for the salad course to run an hour behind and the whole room is hangry. But rewind to earlier in your day, this time with a lens on the content you want from your day. If you want videos made with transitions, or a trend that requires you to start in one outfit and end in another, is that in your timeline? Have you budgeted a few minutes to make sure your wedding content creator can capture this? Your wedding content creator will work with you (& your planner) on inserting this into the timeline so you don’t have a bunch of hangry guests waiting on you 6 hours later.

the best content isn’t planned

One of my (many!) favorite things about weddings is that the best photo and video moments are things we can’t plan for. Which, I think, is the beauty of a wedding day. Finding the moments that can’t be planned and making sure they are captured forever is really the job of your media team. Pick vendors who are believers in this!

That said, you might be drawn to a few fun transition, trendy type videos – which are also so fun! If you want a little place to start to check out some fun content ideas for your wedding day, I gotchu!

idea #1: What does The Dress look like?

@callmegiselle___ My sweet boys. Lol. Who do you think was the closest? #weddingdress #weddingtok #blackbride #2023bride #weddingcontentcreator : @Laur | Wedding Content Creator ‍♀️: @David’s Bridal ♬ original sound – Giselle

Sometimes wedding mornings can feel like they are more focused on one partner and not the other. This idea is a fun way to show that wedding content creation isn’t only for the bride, or for the groom. Making this video is an easy way to involve multiple people that are a part of your wedding day–the ring bearers, ushers, parents, extended family.

Usually, when I pop over to the groom’s suite they’re usually enjoying some drinks, listening to music, and hanging out before the day starts. In this video, we spent 10-15 minutes just asking what they thought the bride’s wedding dress would look like. You’ll see that the results were better than even I expected. It makes it so fun to see people guess based on what they know about the bride or their relationship with her.

This is a fun way to get content of your partner getting ready and get their friends or family involved in the wedding day. I’m not there to necessarily make viral content (I’ll do that if that’s what you want from your wedding!) but in the end, the videos and photos you love the most is filled with all the people you love. This idea does that for you!!

idea #2: sunglasses wedding trend

A wedding day CLASSIC if you ask me! The sunglasses wedding trend is a fun, easy way to get people involved in your wedding day content and also brings the hype!

@planwithlaur The recipe to a fun photo and video moment from your wedding reception! ️ #weddingsunglasstrend #weddingsunglass #sunglassweddingtrend #weddingcontentcreator #weddingcontentcreation ♬ Ding (bell sound) – Shiarah

Grab some sunglasses and leave them around the reception venue. When I’m walking around, I ask guests to strike their best pose, show me their best dance moves, say something funny – whatever is needed to get a fun and candid shot. You can really play this up depending on your crowd and get your guests involved in such an easy way. The end result of this video is so fun and your guests will LOVE to see themselves in your wedding day content!

idea #3: the groomsmen gameday walk out

I feel like it’s not a wedding day if I don’t capture a game day walk out for the boys. If I head to the grooms suite for idea #1 above, then I can easily film this one too!

@planwithlaur From the #newlynorton wedding day vault! Gameday with the groomsmen! #weddinggameday #weddinggamedayphoto #weddinggroomsmen #groomsmenphotos ♬ original sound – Laur | Wedding Content Creator

laur’s tip for couples

If I’m going to capture the gameday walkout, I always have my couple send me the names of everyone in advance + their tagline, Instagram handle, or a funny quote to put on their chyron on screen. This gets the guys excited and looking forward to having an additional role while getting ready in the morning. They all end up helping each other out to figure out their game day fit, how they are walking in, and just hyping each other up. I love it!

idea #4: beyonce morning transition

@planwithlaur Bridal transformation ✨ (is it a wedding day without a Beyonce morning getting ready tiktok?)!!! #weddingcontent #weddingdaycontent #beyonceweddingtrend #weddingmorningcontent #weddingcontentcreator ♬ Freakum Dress Intro – Mona

I’ll go ahead and say it again, it’s DEFINITELY not a wedding day without a Beyoncé morning transition video!!

This is such a cool way to show the transition of the bride from waking up, getting ready, and all the way into her wedding dress. We always have so much fun with it. I can’t even pick a favorite because every wedding I shoot this becomes my new fave!

laur’s tip for couples

Another tip I can throw out that I talked about earlier is that it’s really important to think through your timeline when you want videos with transitions like the Beyoncé one.

The beauty of having a wedding content creator at your wedding is that you can sit back, relax, and just get married while your wedding content creator and the rest of your media team gets these shots. But capturing videos like this does require a little bit of work. Knowing your timeline is essential in making sure we get them.

There are endless amounts of trends and ideas we can capture on your wedding day, but here’s a call out to remind you that the best ones are the ones that mean the most to you. You are going to remember the content that gives you alllllll the feels, the videos that are filled with people you love, and moments you never want to forget. Don’t forget that part in all of your planning, and remember that the best photo and video moments are ones you can’t even plan for.

Things i’ve done in the past

I’ve shot a lot of weddings. No two are ever the same, and I mean that. As a wedding content creator, I love to put an extra twist on your day to make it just that — YOUR DAY.

@planwithlaur Abigail and Adam really wanted wedding videos that showed their personalities and the upbeat vine of their wedding day – I think we captured just that! #estateweddings #estateweddinginspo #funweddingvideo #upbeatweddingfilm ♬ You Make My Dreams (Come True) – Daryl Hall & John Oates

I shot a wedding in Cabo this year where we used one of the brides’ favorite songs for their compilation video. She was IN LOVE.

For a recent wedding in New Jersey, I tied in the theme song from one of their favorite movies. Using that song throughout their day in the recap video and IG takeover made it so fun for them to watch again later on. It adds that personal twist we all love.

Just because you haven’t seen a wedding trend set to a specific song, or done in a very specific way, doesn’t mean we can’t create our own and personalize it. A meeting ahead of time with a vendor you choose helps them get to know you and what you love.

So now, you’ve hired your wedding content creator, started your content inspiration board on Pinterest, and create a saved playlist on TikTok. You’ve spent all that time on Pinterest and Instagram planning your wedding anyway. Why not make sure your wedding content creator knows exactly what you’re hoping for?